The Heart of the Mother Retreats are powerful sacred journeys in some of the world’s most beautiful locations.   Bringing together ancient traditions of healing and spiritual practice from around the world, these retreats provide the opportunity for seekers to enter into deep communion with the ancient plant sacrament, Ayahuasca, while being fully supported by experienced facilitators throughout the journey.  Held in a safe and loving space, these Ayahuasca ceremonies allow people to look deeply into their lives, bringing profound healing and understanding as they enter into a process of surrender and transformation.  These ceremonies, combined with group and individual integration sessions, allow people to go deep into initiating change in their lives, inside and out, without the external distractions of daily life demanding attention.

While there are many opportunities to work with Ayahuasca in Peru and beyond, one of the greatest challenges is the process of walking between worlds ~ managing the stresses of career, family, daily responsibilities, and the like.  For this reason, we believe in the value of taking the time away from regular life in order to enter into a time of personal work and rejuvenation.  Leaving behind the comforts of home, culture, and habitual living from day to day, The Heart of the Mother Retreats offer people the chance to step into a different world, complete with the splendor of the natural world and connecting with ancient sacred places and traditions, as well as taking time to bring balance and peace to body, mind, and spirit through meditation, yoga, contemplation, music and sound healing, and being in community.   Add to that, world class healers offering personalized care, beautiful accommodations, and delicious and nourishing food, this retreat offers you everything you could need:  comfort, enjoyment, community, exploration, rejuvenation, and life-changing transformational work.

In the coming year, we have two retreats planned:

Sacred Valley of Peru ~ October 2016


Pacific Coast, Costa Rica ~ February 2017