Working with plant medicines can be a profound, opening experience that brings immense shifts in awareness, and due to the nature of the work, can also bring about changes in understanding very quickly. Integrating these shifts and changes is often a long-term process, requiring people to bring new understanding into their day-to-day lives. Engaging in this process of change is ultimately the most essential part of the process, and the process of bringing one’s life into alignment with new understanding and insights can be challenging.

While working with a counselor or psychotherapist can be a wonderful thing, in reality not all of them are well versed in plant medicine healing, or the value of such work. In addition, there are many people claiming to offer “integration support” who have both insufficient experience in the work, as well as little experience in the kind of therapeutic support that is most effective in helping people navigate the process of integrating such transformative work.

We at Heart of the Mother Retreats are well versed in both plant medicine work ~ we have decades of experience as both seekers of this healing work, as well as supporting others in it ~ as well as significant training as wellness and mental health professionals. We believe in the value of bringing together the work of shamanic healing and therapeutic support in order to help people integrate plant medicine work in the most expansive and grounded way possible. Our Integration Support providers are available not only to those who join us on Heart of the Mother Retreats, but also to anyone who has experienced plant medicine healing work who is seeking grounded, compassionate, empowering support. To request support, please use the contact form below, and we’ll be in touch with you to connect you with our Integration Support providers.

You can also learn more about our Integration Support team here, just click on the photo to be redirected!

Helene Garrovillo, LMSW
Chakana Integrative Counseling