Louisa Callery ~ Energy Medicine

Louisa Callery discovered her gift as a healer over a decade ago, after her life and world was turned upside down after the loss of her son. It was not easy when she suddenly started seeing beyond the material world accompanied by an explosion in her heart center. She did not have the tools or a metaphysical vocabulary or believe in what was happening to her in this new world. She unexpectedly started putting her hands on people which took her to work for hospice to help patients with pain management and emotional well being . She has worked on well over a thousand people taking breaks now and then to recharge . Her practice is to close her eyes connect to the Heart and from there she gets guided spontaneously around a body. There is a supernatural energy that is the guide and if she goes against it she experiences a pain in her Heart center so she follows the bliss maintaining a state of constant surrender. When clients tell her that her energy is amazing she reminds them that it is not her but them and that she has connected to who they are as Spirit.

Louisa lives in Pisac, Peru, where she started a dorm for children from the mountains so they can have a safe and fun home while they go to school far from their villages. She works every year with Heart Touch going on their international program in an orphanage that houses over 400 children with HIV and or AIDS and in provincial hospitals in Cambodia. She has also worked at a local clinic in Peru traveling with a nurse into the high Andean communities, as well as on people and animals that come to see her. In her own words: “If I see a disease or anger or resentment or fear then I believe that I created it but I don’t figure I know what’s best for anyone so that is what I work on clearing in me and the rest of the work is to surrender to the divine bliss of who we really are as perfect beings which is the only reality that is true.”

Sean West ~ Massage Therapy / Manual Release Therapy (similar to shiatsu massage)

Sean West has over 20 years of experience in bodywork and the healing arts, and is continuously learning and refining his craft. He began training in Korean Acupressure more than twenty years ago and since then he has been exposed to many techniques including a 5 year training in Shiatsu with first generation Takeda student Sigrid Fronius. He developed and currently practices his own technique called Manual Release Therapy.  Manual Release Therapy is a technique that goes deep to clear base-level tension throughout the whole body. It is designed to release physical and emotional trauma quickly, and usually clients notice a difference after the first session. This technique is excellent for almost any condition:  it can stop migraines, sciatica, anxiety, chronic pain and many other conditions permanently.  It is effective with all trauma, including PTSD conditions. This massage technique also stimulates the lymphatic system, the energetic system and all the subtle bodies. The therapy can be soft and relaxing with no pain, or more intense as deeper work is needed.  Sean has been working in the Sacred Valley for many years now and is well known for his high-quality work and strong ethic.