Angela Blueskies, Creative Director for Heart of the Mother Retreats, has been a lifelong seeker of wisdom and personal growth.  At the end of a four year journey that had taken her around the world into the heart of many sacred traditions and into the depths of her own personal quest, she was called to experience Ayahuasca for the first time.  As she came to the end of one quest ~ a study of pilgrimage and personal transformation that was the focus of her Master’s Degree ~ she found herself beginning a new and powerful journey with the teacher she had always hoped might exist. 

For over a decade, Angela has journeyed to Peru to work with mentors, teachers, and medicine men and women in the name of awakening, healing, and transformation, and her own life has been the canvas for such work to find expression.  While profound changes were taking place on the inside ~ finding self love and self worth, letting go of harmful patterns in relationships, finding the authentic expression of herself and her inner gifts ~ equally profound changes were happening in her life.  She left behind a successful career as a classical musician and teacher to follow a new path that now includes working with sound and music as tools for healing, as well as facilitating workshops and retreats that create the space for people to go deep into their own profound transformative process.  It brings Angela great joy to empower people in connecting with themselves, their gifts, and their own inner wisdom.

Angela created Heart of the Mother Retreats because she was excited to share with people the transformational gifts of plant medicine healing.  She has an intimate understanding of the fundamental elements of pilgrimage:  leaving home behind, entering into the unknown, letting go of the past, finding new perspective, and emerging transformed.  Angela creates a retreat experience that is dynamic, experiential, deeply nourishing yet challenging, and filled with beauty, and she is delighted to be of service to the awakening and transformation of humanity.

Angela delights in bringing her music to the Heart of the Mother Retreats as well. With a pure vocal quality, lush, beautiful harmonies, and rich instrumentation, her music brings people into profound meditative and ecstatic states and inspires deep connection to the heart.  You can experience some of Angela’s music HERE.  When she’s not on the road, she divides her time between her mountaintop sanctuary in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, and the Sacred Valley of Peru with the love of her life, Helene Garrovillo.