Every mindfulness tradition reminds us to return to the breath, the body, and the present moment.  The mind can spin us in any direction, and the stories that we create, and then believe, can bring us into self-created suffering that is very persistent.  As the Buddha himself said to us:

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.

The mind is everything. What we think we become.” Buddha

And so, as we dive deep into our work with plant medicine, it’s essential to understand that the essence of our healing rests within our capacity to release the stories and beliefs that capture us, limit us, and cause us suffering.  When we change the mind, and especially when we change the ways that we engage with the mind, we change our lives.

Essential to this work is the cultivation of practices that help us to anchor in the present moment, to remember who we are, and to bring us ever closer to true freedom.  The Medicine alone may show us amazing things, bring us unparalleled insights, and cleanse us from the heavy energies that we have carried for far too long.  But to truly integrate these experiences, personal commitment and responsibility must come into action.  There are many practices that can support this work, for sure.  Two essential ones are yoga and meditation.

During Heart of the Mother Retreats, we offer classes for all levels of experience and ability that support the process of release and integration through gentle connection with the body.  These classes incorporate elements of Restorative and Yin Yoga, as well as Yoga Nidra allowing the nervous system to slow down and the body to soften.  The yoga classes during our retreats are very grounding and nurturing, led by teachers with extensive experience in supporting spiritual work.

Most days, we will offer morning meditation practice, incorporating a variety of meditation styles and techniques, including vipassana, mindfulness, vizualization, and sound meditation.  We sometimes find ways of incorporating drumming, too, as it silences the mind and entrains us to the flow, providing the space to listen within.  

Our Heart of the Mother Retreat ~ Sacred Valley 2020 ~ yoga and meditation teacher is Eric Schwarz, E-RYT 500, an internationally respected instructor voted Best of Washington DC in 2016, and now living in Western Australia.