Plant medicine has the power to expand the mind, teaching and healing people in remarkable ways.  It provides a deeper understanding of our lives and our past experiences, and as we gain greater perspective, it is possible to initiate profound change in our patterns of behavior.  One of the greatest challenges in any path of awakening and transformation is integrating that perspective into daily life.  This is particularly true in working with plant medicines, as the shift in awareness can happen very quickly. We at Heart of the Mother Retreats believe that integration is a key element in plant medicine work, and it is important to us to work with participants in cultivating practices and strategies for integration that can be continued long after the retreat comes to an end, so that they can establish lasting and meaningful change.  

During Heart of the Mother Retreats, we offer each participant the opportunity to share from their experiences in both group and private integration sessions.  Group sessions are essential, as they provide the space for each participant to be witnessed and held in the transformative process, embracing insights and shifts in a loving and supportive environment.  Private sessions are also available, allowing participants the opportunity to explore the work with the individual support of an experienced guide who also serves as a sacred mirror.  Our integration support team is comprised of individuals trained in both shamanic healing arts and contemporary modalities of mind/body wellness and counseling.  Our retreat staff also remains available in the months following the retreat to support the continued process of integration.  

To connect with our Integration Support team, please visit our Integration Support page HERE