With the COVID 19 virus at the height of international news, many people are concerned about making travel plans, wondering whether or not it will be safe to fly abroad or return to the US at this time. The vision of transformational healing that people long for in joining our retreats may currently be met with practical concerns, as well as the health risks of travel, with very real concerns about exposing ourselves and our families to COVID 19. We at Heart of the Mother Retreats know and understand the importance of avoiding exposure, as we ourselves, or people we love, or even people we don’t know, may be immune compromised. As this virus is new and unknown, it is hard to know what to expect in the coming months, and understandably, tension is high.

We want to assist our participants in every way possible so that our retreats continue to be a wonderful experience. Due to the complexities of making international bookings for our participants, we are not able to offer refunds, as payments are sent along to our retreat centers, hotels, and other services to confirm each reservation after payment is made. This, unfortunately, is true even in the event of a serious health concern such as COVID 19.

While our 2020 Peru Retreat is still many months away, and our 2020 Costa Rica Retreat is further distant still, we have been diligently researching travel insurance options that may provide extra security in the event of travel restrictions and cancelled flights.

Three options that we have found are:

Each plan is different, and some plans offer “cancel for any reason” options. These plans must be purchased within between 10-21 days from purchasing your trip. If you need us to generate an invoice to assist you in demonstrating your date of purchase, we are happy to assist.

Ultimately, unless circumstances beyond our control keep us from going forward, we plan to proceed with all currently scheduled retreats. Any necessary updates will be posted here, as well as being sent by email to all registered participants. Thank you for understanding.

Wishing you, your family and loved ones, and your community health and wellbeing as we all navigate this challenging time!

Travel Insurance & COVID 19