Our Sacred Valley Retreat provides amazing opportunities to work with world class healers and healing arts practitioners to support your journey of transformation.  We bring together practitioners of traditional healing from the Andean highlands with incredible members of the Sacred Valley expat community, providing you with a unique opportunity to customize your experience based on your personal needs and interests.  Below you’ll find information on some of the wonderful support team for our 2017 retreat.


Andean Wise Ones


Vilma Pinedo ~ Intuitive & Coca Leaf Divination

Vilma Pineda comes from a long line of healers in the Andes mountains of Peru. Vilma’s grandparents are renowned shamans, and she was called to this path before she was born, when lightning struck her mother while pregnant with Vilma.  She grew up surrounded by master healers, and began her path as a curandera at age 12, reading coca leaves and using her intuition to tell people how to heal themselves, often with amazing results. Vilma learned English (a rarity in the Andes) and was one of the people asked to accompany the Dalai Lama to Machu Picchu. She uses her gift as a tool for healing, peace, and unity. During our retreat, Vilma will offer intuitive guidance through Coca Leaf Divination.  Individual sessions available by appointment.



Q’ero Elders Don Augustin & Dona Benita ~ Despacho Ceremony

We are honored to bring two beautiful masters from the high Andean village of Q’eros to offer their wisdom and healing to us during our retreat.  Don Augustin and Dona Benita grace us with their presence, bringing the powerful energies of their traditions in connection with Pachamama (Mother Earth) and the Apus (Mountain Spirits), and the ceremony they will share with us, called Despacho, helps to bring us back into balance.  This ritual is an expression of the Andean concept of Ayni, which means reciprocity ~ sacred exchange of giving and receiving.  As they assist us in releasing the heavy energies that we carry ~ hucha ~ back to the Earth, they also help us to align our prayers and intentions so that the transformation we seek during our retreat may take root and stay with us once the retreat ends.  It is truly an honor and a blessing to experience Despacho ceremony with such esteemed elders as Don Augustin and Dona Benita, and to learn from the purity of the ancient tradition that they carry with them.

For a little more about the Despacho Ceremony:


Healing Arts Practitioners

Sean West ~ Manual Release Therapy (similar to shiatsu massage)


Sean West has over 20 years of experience in bodywork and the healing arts, and is continuously learning and refining his craft. He began training in Korean Acupressure more than twenty years ago and since then he has been exposed to many techniques including a 5 year training in Shiatsu with first generation Takeda student Sigrid Fronius. He developed and currently practices his own tecSean West massage photohnique called Manual Release Therapy.  Manual Release Therapy is a technique that goes deep to clear base-level tension throughout the whole body. It is designed to release physical and emotional trauma quickly, and usually clients notice a difference after the first session. This technique is excellent for almost any condition:  it can stop migraines, sciatica, anxiety, chronic pain and many other conditions permanently.  It is effective with all trauma, including PTSD conditions. This massage technique also stimulates the lymphatic system, the energetic system and all the subtle bodies. The therapy can be soft and relaxing with no pain, or more intense as deeper work is needed.  Sean has been working in the Sacred Valley for four years now and is well known for his high-quality work and strong ethic.


Meredith Shippam ~ Energy Medicine

1266340_10205392078226870_1323312208193534361_o During my sessions I use my hands and my voice to lift denser energies and weave in higher frequencies, as well as other tools such as crystals, feathers, medicine drums, sacred herbs and tibetan singing bowls. I use ritual to invoke only the highest realms of healing spirits and to create a safe and sacred container. The purpose of the ritual is to bring you into a surrendered and receptive space so that you may enter into a trance state. From there, your journey depends on what you need to experience. You may go into an intense catharsis and have a deep emotional release. You may see lights, colors, guiding forces or have visions. You may go into a place of complete silence, stillness and peace and feel like you were in a magical healing sleep – or that you went “home” to rest. Some receive direct messages and insights from their guiding forces or from deep within themselves. The intention is always held for your highest good and deepest healing to unfold – in whatever way will be the most appropriate and helpful for you now. I see myself as the midwife of this process and it is truly a profound and joyful honor.