Helene Garrovillo, Integration Support Counselor, LMSW

Helene Garrovillo offers Integration Counseling to those seeking support in preparation and integration of work with plant medicines, both those who join us for our retreats, and those who are seeking integration for other work with entheogenic medicines. It was her path of working with plant medicines in Peru that led her to graduate school and becoming a licensed social worker, as she wanted to expand her capacity to support people in the most expansive way possible. Her work is a fusion of the shamanic and animist approaches from her training in Peru, together with the rigorous training she has received as a licensed mental health professional. Her approach to Integration Counseling is anchored in mindfulness and compassion, and her goal is always to support clients in cultivating a deep connection with themselves as they navigate ways to bring the teachings of plant medicine work into their lives in a grounded, meaningful way.

Since 2007, Helene has travelled to Peru numerous times to work with mentors, shamans, and medicine men and women.  She found not only the healing she longed for, but much more. Coming into deep self-love, understanding, and compassion, she has cultivated a presence of unconditional love and openness that surrounds her in a palpable way.  The Medicine continues to support her in cultivating her innate healing and intuitive gifts, and she experiences great joy in supporting others in aligning with their true nature and divine path.  Whether with a client, or the person beside of her in line at the supermarket, Helene supports people in cultivating a sense of mindfulness and peace, learning to trust their own inner guidance, and ultimately, empowering them to live inspired, authentic lives.

You can book an online Integration Counseling session with Helene Garrovillo here at Chakana Integrative Counseling. 60 minute sessions are $75, and payment must be submitted at the time of booking. After receiving payment, you will receive a Zoom link for your session ~ please plan to join the call using Zoom video in a private space, and using headphones. Sessions are a firm commitment, no refunds are available. A minimum of 24 hours is required for rescheduling. Thank you for understanding, we are looking forward to supporting your journey!

As integration work is often best experienced over time, packages are also available. Integration Support packages are $275 (regular price $300) for four 60 minute online sessions. Within 2 business days of receiving payment, you will receive a link to schedule sessions online, and you will receive a Zoom link for each session after it is scheduled.

*** Chakana Integrative Counseling offers support for those who have worked (or plan to) with entheogenic medicines. We *do not* provide access to illegal substances, and we *do not* offer referrals to those seeking access to entheogenic experiences where they are not legal.